Rediscover • Reconnect • Rejuvenate

Providing a range of integrative therapies that support you to reconnect to your own unique visions and goals in wellness

Octavia Chabrier - Wellness Consultant

Because we're hard-wired for wellness

Hi there, I’m Octavia.

My goal is to create a space for people to reconnect and celebrate their strengths and wins in life, because all too often we are so busy reaching for the moon that we miss the huge galaxy as we pass through it.

I want my clients to rediscover ways to sustainably embrace and enjoy the life path they have chosen, and to make the necessary behaviour changes or habits that support them to feel rejuvenated and prepared for whatever comes their way.  

  • Nature Based Mindfulness & Health Coaching
  • Rediscover – Reconnect – Rejuvenate Retreats
  • Group Wellbeing sessions
  • Wellness Coaching – implementing and identifying positive changes in your life
  • Disability Therapy Assistance – Capacity Building, Recovery Coaching
  • Wellness Programs and Groups (especially for women who are always caring for others)
  • Imagine having the opportunity to Rediscover, Reconnect and Rejuvenate – because the world needs you to be feeling your best


Senior couple meditating at home

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