Bowen & Massage

I aim to approach each individual as a whole, I listen to your needs, and I am guided by you.

integrated healing therapies

Bowen therapy and massage have a valuable place in supporting your overall wellbeing. As with all the services I provide, I aim to approach each individual as a whole. I listen to your needs and am guided by you.

Depending on your needs, your session may include:

  • Mind Body Bowen Therapy
  • Remedial Massage
  • Rediscover – Reconnect – Rejuvenate Whole Body Treatment

why work with me?

With over twenty years of experience working in remedial therapies and integrative bodywork, I understand just how much we hold stress and pain in the muscles and how it affects our overall wellness and mindset.

The mind-body connection is intrinsic to whole body wellbeing, and the huge impact we experience from our overly busy, disconnected, and sedentary lifestyles is costing us all dearly.

I bring a unique and integrative approach to wellbeing by looking at the fundamental importance of ease through re-connection and grassroots applications to wellness.