Diversity and Aging

I was recently privileged enough to sit with 22 culturally diverse people who hailed mostly from European backgrounds and were actively involved in an Age Activities group in their community.  The median age range was 80-90 years of age and they were all still independently living in the community. 

I have never seen so many bright eyed incredibly vibrant older people in a long time.  These women shone.  Their skin radiated health and vitality.  Only three of them used any walking aid and the laughter and connection between them was infectious.

I had an hour with them and wanted to discuss what wellness meant to them.  What was their secrets to feeling well?

I went around the table and asked each person questions on wellness and they were so forthcoming, so articulate and so proud to share what made them tick.

The answers were the same again and again:

  • Family
  • Community
  • Laughter
  • Spirituality.
  • Good food, home grown produce and a balance of food groups.
  • They all bar one walked and moved in some way daily. 
  • They mowed their lawns and tended their gardens. 
  • They danced and listened to music.  
  • They read an array of publications.
  • They all still spoke several languages, their native tongue filled with passion and joy.
  • They were happy to be alive – they expected to feel this good and they were so generous in the sharing.

In essence their recipe for a long and joyous life included some of the most basic of human needs:

  • Balanced diet – everything in moderation
  • Exercise, movement and active living
  • Connection to family and community
  • Work & play balance
  • Finding purpose and meaning in one’s life

The three healthiest places in the world where people live the longest were found to be villages in Japan and Italy, and the commonality of both were the many dimensions of wellness that I mentioned above. 

There are many dimensions to wellness, irrespective of your overall health or abilities.  If you feel the time is right to discuss your wellness plans and goals then it may also be the right time to engage in a Wellness Coach.
I have done extensive formal and informal training to support you as a coach in many facets of your journey to wellness and Im immensely passionate about supporting others to find their best lifestyle balance, whilst identifying strengths, values and core needs.
So don’t let anything stop you from finding the most congruent ways forward to your life ahead, as Im here to support you in achieving your goals and plans.