Finding the Holy Shit of Meditation

Look I know a zillion Buddhist monks can’t be wrong when it comes to meditation and enlightenment but I’ve got a secret to share… I’ve never “meditated” in my life, not unless you call sitting in nature, breathing in gratitude breathing out calm – meditation, or being so in the moment of a yoga class that I feel at one with everything good in life.

Remembering that we are creatures of habits and the sooner in life we are introduced to great habits the better.  But what are great habits?  Well depending on who and what your doing will answer some of that. Day to day good habits consist of things like brushing our teeth, locking the front door before going to work, putting our seat belt on before driving out the drive and packing a healthy lunch to eat at our allotted one hour lunch break. ( Yer right I hear you say)  Well you wouldn’t drive without your belt on, so why would you deny your body good food?  Why would you deny it movement and fresh air?

When I hear us non Buddhist monks say ” but I just cant meditate and I feel bad about it” Im like… well when did you start working on the habit of BEING?  Its almost humorous that we would find yet another thing to be stressed about, like not meditating well enough!  How about if we started finding and encouraging activities for our self that we flourished in so much that we forgot about time when we were doing them.  That we were so absorbed in the moment of time that time no longer mattered. 

Yes the merits of mediation and stillness are boundless and so are the merits of contentment and mindfulness.

Life is about finding our zen and not pushing ourselves so hard that we forget what our essence or values are.

Remember looking out the window during long trips in the car and daydreaming in that in between trance space, that could be known as ………you guessed it.  Meditation. 

Walk lightly, love deeply and laugh regularly.  xxx