Nidra and Mindfulness Offerings

Learn how to quieten your mind and experience the deepest relaxation possible

yoga nidra classes

Would you like to learn how to quieten your mind and experience the deepest relaxation possible to you?

Regular classes held – 60 minutes of pure bliss and recalibration of the mind and body, like nothing you’ve experienced before.  No previous experience necessary as Yoga Nidra is more like a guided meditation rather than a physical workout class.

Yoga: The path or means by which you experience your interconnections with yourself and in your life

Nidra: The changing states of consciousness (waking, sleeping, dreaming) and emotions, sensations, thoughts and images.

What is yoga nidra?

Yoga Nidra is the ancient practice of meditation that is understood to support psychological, physical and spiritual healing in the individual, and it is usually carried out in a class or group setting, although it can be as effectively done one on one. 

Yoga Nidra or Integrative Restoration (irest) is an integrative and easily applied form of meditation where you are guided through a 15 – 45 minute practice that helps reset your ability to respond to life, rather than react to your thoughts, emotions and actions.  

There is an abundance of literature and studies that documents the ways Yoga Nidra can help people form a more gentle and responsive way of life that helps with all forms of healing, including PTSD and Anxiety as well as chronic pain and stress.

how can yoga nidra help me?

Research into Yoga Nidra being used as a complimentary intervention found that it supports other methods of healing and wellbeing, by tapping into deep relaxation, emotional and psychological healing and the enhancement of resiliency practices.

Some of the reported improvements found through Yoga Nidra and IRest include:

  • Decreases in depression, anxiety and stress
  • A better acceptance and resilience to PTSD
  • A better acceptance and resilience to Chronic pain
  • Insomnia turning to improved sleep function
  • Greater comfort and resilience of situations that are out of one’s control
  • Improvement to interpersonal marital and peer relationships