When the landscape changes in your front yard just go with the flow – just like a bleeding hot volcanic eruption does.

One should never underestimate the importance of sovereignty. Our place in the world. The importance our soul places on being of worth, of being connected to others and to truly matter.

When everything that has indicated who you are in the world shifts, you too shift with it. A little like the lava of an erupting volcano, everything in its seething heat is forever changed. The landscape becomes different. There is a time where the destruction is raw and dangerous. Where roads and landmarks and security changes, shifted or evaporated forever. After a time, I am told there is growth again. I have witnessed this on the big island of Hawaii when Pele goddess of passion overflowed. After a time there is space once again for growth. Seemingly out of the cold black hard lava there is greenery sprouting, then a forest as lush as any prehistoric scenery.
New paths are formed, new gateways, new everything.

This thought holds me dear as I too go through the motions of such enormous change. I remind myself it is only new and fresh in the scheme of a volcanic eruption. Give it time dear one, for you to will blossom again after the blackened earth and heart rebuilds, less cindered and worn. You too will blossom again