Where does our story start… and where does it end?


  • To create our wildest dreams
  • To rethink our responses to situations
  • To consider the people we spend time with and how they affect our wellness
  • To follow our careers and passions
  • To learn to respond rather than react to situations

At the midline of my life it was time to start again from scratch – or was it?

I’ve looked for a very long time – I’ve looked for how to balance my needs with giving myself completely to others, especially my family.
You know what it led to?
Breakdown of marriage
Bust ups with my passions & brilliant opportunities to start again.  Which is what led me to consider the very question of where our story starts and where exactly it ends!  Have you ever considered the story of your mother and your mothers mother?  If not, start to discover theses stories – they may just hold some gem.  If you dont think its worth doing, and you have children, then I ask you to consider the worth of your daughter knowing your story and how it impacts their projection in life.

Having a marriage dissolve was beyond painful for me, selling the family home and leaving my beloved community broke parts of my heart and confidence, holding on while every transition happened felt out of control at times, but out of the ashes I knew after a time that something new would birth.  I just needed time and the right people in my life.
Amidst the personal grief work I was doing, I had an inarguable desire to continue creating space for other women to do their healing because I know there is something profoundly necessary and magical when women have the opportunity to gather in a safe space to share their stories and listen to other women.  In order to remain connected, strengthened and supported. We need this now more than ever, as the modern-day stresses and commitments are placed on us.

Women DO all the time, and what we NEED is to just BE.

Ever since I attended my first transformational retreat, I’ve fallen in love with the truth telling and intimacy that is created when a group of women gather around a common intention, with a skilled facilitator leading the way.  I have now stepped back up to be the facilitator of all things women and Goddess in love, living and learning and Im so looking forward to sitting in the Goddess space with you soon. xxx